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Transportation Design Analysis

Our transportation engineers are trained to apply scientific principles to the planning, designing, operating, and managing of facilities that specialize in the safe transportation of people and products. We assess features such as highway guardrails, railroad crossing guards, and construction zone barricades to identify the causation of accidents, as well as the means to prevent future accidents.

Discerning how construction of a roadway or other infrastructure contributed to an accident remains one of the objectives of our transportation engineers. We apply the laws of physics to evaluate how factors, such as rate of speed, interact with human factors to determine accident causation and prevention. Such analysis is also used in the creation of new transportation infrastructure, providing a resource to municipalities, government agencies, and private corporations embarking on proposed transportation-related projects.

Circumstances that require the expert knowledge of our transportation engineers may include:

  • Highway construction projects
  • Accident reconstructions
  • Traffic control operations
  • Highway safety assessments
  • Work-zone accident analyses
  • Accident causation litigation
  • 3D Laser Mapping of Accident Locations