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A 3rd generation engineer, Mr. Armstrong is a professional engineer who’s been testifying as an expert since 1996. He served as President of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers. He is an international lecturer (English & Spanish) with extensive teaching experience. He is licensed in 11 states and has worked across the country.

Areas of Expertise

Accident Reconstruction

Black Box Data Retrieval

Commercial Accidents

Expert Testimony

Highway Design Failure

Highway Work Zone

Railroad Accidents

Mr. Page has testified as an expert witness in cases involving electrical shock injury & death, electrical fires, electrical codes & standards compliance, & electrical warnings. As an electrical engineer for a NASA contractor, Mr. Page was heavily involved in designing the main engine controller for the space shuttle & worked on 24 successful shuttle launches.

Areas of Expertise

Electrocution cases

Electrical Fires

Electrical Compliance

Ms. Oney consults clients in the areas of vehicular accident reconstruction, transportation & automotive safety. From on-scene investigation to determining causes & countermeasures, Ms. Oney uses proven scientific methodologies & advanced technology for data collection & analysis.

Areas of Expertise

Accident Investigation

Accident Reconstruction

Expert Witness

Mr. Niemeier uses his Masters in mechanical engineering and his accident reconstruction training to gather vehicle and scene data for analysis.

Areas of Expertise

Accident Reconstruction


Mr. Walker captures vehicle and scene data using his extensive 3D laser scanning experience.

Areas of Expertise

FARO 3D laser scanning

Point cloud registration

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