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Accidents happen. As you decide what happens next, we're here to explain the engineering, forces, timing and the failures.

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Why Hire Armstrong?

Accidents happen. Our qualified, credible experts use engineering principles to identify contributing factors in an accident; and to deliver accurate & easy to understand analyses of complex, technical problems.

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We're Clear & Concise

Our reports are clean, clear, and thorough. We take the time to do it right.

Honest & Objective

Evidence tells a story. We make sure you have all the parts of the puzzle.

We Ensure You Understand

We love to teach and make sure you understand the engineering behind your case.

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    How we help you

    Our engineers & expert staff are adept at working with attorneys and insurance professionals. We strive to explain our findings in a clear and concise manner.

    Railroad Accidents

    Our engineers have substantial experience with the reconstruction of railroad crossing accidents involving both vehicles and pedestrians.

    Transportation Design Analysis

    We understand the codes and standards governing the design of transportation systems. We use that understanding in the analysis of alleged transportation design defects.

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