Highway Lighting

Drivers have obvious visual limitations in darkness, so artificial highway lighting is crucial to ensuring around-the-clock safety. Our transportation engineers are trained to help road designers provide adequate lighting, as well as re-create scenes where inadequate lighting may have contributed to a traffic accident or fatality.
Accident in Traffic

When analyzing highway lighting, transportation engineers at Armstrong Forensic Engineers take into account physical factors (including scene illumination and headlight glare) as well as human factors (such as driver fatigue). The interaction of each of these determines the night-time safety rating of a particular stretch of roadway, and is applied to the design of current highway projects in order to reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents.

Highway lighting analysis is applied to various circumstances, and is valuable in:

  • Reconstructing accident scenes
  • Managing safe traffic control operations
  • Assessing the safety of new construction projects
  • Analyzing work-zone accidents
  • Litigating accident causation cases