Forensic Animation

While the investigation and analysis of incidents and losses is important, the ultimate challenge for a forensic engineer is to effectively communicate complex technical issues to clients, judges, and juries.

Forensic Animation
When grounded in factual evidence and accurate physics models, three-dimensional animations can convey the real-time events that took place, or can evaluate alternate avoidance scenarios. The ability to see the incident from multiple points of view and to focus on specific critical moments in time can powerfully drive the message home to the viewer.

Diagrams and Visual Aids
A picture is worth a thousand words, and the most effective means of communication is often a well designed and technically accurate diagram, photograph, or visual aid to demonstrate the facts of a case.

Exhibits and 3D Models
Demonstrative aides based on the actual evidence and physics models can powerfully express the real-time sequence of events and highlight critical factors in the cause or avoidance of an incident.