Expert Witness Services

While the investigation and analysis of incidents and losses is important, the ultimate challenge for a forensic engineer is to effectively communicate complex, technical issues to clients, judges, and juries. Many incidents and serious losses are handled at the insurance claims level, without resorting to litigation.

In these cases, we help clients determine the facts of a case so they have the information to best handle or adjust a claim. When incidents become the basis of civil or criminal litigation, we can assist with every step of the process from initial data collection and investigation to engineering analysis, opinion development, and expert witness testimony. When deposition and trial testimony are required, our engineers are admitted as expert witnesses. We have testified under oath in many states, counties, and jurisdictions, including civil and criminal courts at the district and federal court levels.

Armstrong litigation support features accurate testimony that is easy to understand, and includes:

  • Clear verbal communication
  • Concise written reports
  • Diagrams and visual aids
  • Exhibits and 3D models
  • Computer animations