Other Services

Trial prep

Armstrong Forensic Engineers offers forensic services for a wide array of engineering failures. These services include the following:

  • Crash Testing Research — Crash testing research and academic publications can be used to reconstruct accidents and improve the information related to various scenarios.

  • Electrical Engineering — Injury, economic loss, or other incidents involving electrocution, electrical fire, fire sprinklers, or fire suppression.

  • Expert Witness Services — While the analysis of incidents is important, the ultimate challenge for a forensic engineer is to effectively communicate complex, technical issues to clients, judges, and juries.

  • Forensic Animations — Effectively communicate complex technical issues to clients, judges, and juries. Armstrong animations are technically accurate and easy to understand.

  • Laser Scanning — Incredibly detailed, three-dimensional images of complex environments for valuable models or advanced trial animations.

  • Photogrammetry — Determining the geometric properties of objects, such as vehicles, from photographic images.

  • Product Failure and Liability — The failure of a mechanical device or an operator error can lead to catastrophic personal injuries or property losses.

  • Premises Liability — Premises liability involves the responsibility of a landowner for certain torts that occur.

  • Rebuttal Consulting — We can provide a rebuttal report, rebuttal testimony, assistance with developing questions for deposition and cross examination, and attendance at depositions.