Automobile Accidents

Armstrong Forensic Engineers handles hundreds of automobile accident reconstructions each year. We utilize the most advanced techniques and technologies available today.
Tow Truck

Our staff investigates the scene of the accident, analyzes police reports and witness statements, conducts mechanical investigations of each automobile, reviews pertinent government information, and evaluates anything else related to the case to help reconstruct the events that took place,Because many factors relating to a vehicle collision are recorded in the physical evidence, data collection is critical to successful reconstruction and analysis. We have the technology and expertise to extract pertinent data from roadways, vehicles, photographs, and documents, including the Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) system for “Black Box” airbag recorders.

Highlights of our accident investigation services include:

  • Rapid Response Inspection Team
  • Vehicle and Scene Data Collection
  • Collision Data Retrieval System (CDR)
  • Engine Control Modules (ECM)
  • Laser-precision scene and vehicle mapping
  • Air-brake measurement and calibration tools
  • Photogrammetry, photo matching, and aerial photography