Alternative Vehicle Accidents

The average alternative vehicle accident happens in a matter of seconds, but understanding exactly how or why the accident occurred is a challenging scientific process. In addition to collecting evidence and data, our engineers analyze all the issues of a case, making sure our clients understand the underlying causes and countermeasures.
Recreational Vehicle

Alternative vehicle accidents, such as ATV’s or snowmobiles, differ from traditional passenger vehicles because of differences in the size, weight, and shape of the vehicles involved. We are capable of real-time analysis, two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging, calculus-based calculations, and the implementation of crush energy, momentum, rotational, and impulse-based methodologies.


Our alternative accident reconstruction services include the following:

  • ATV or All-terrain Vehicle
  • Snowmobile, sled, or snow machine
  • Golf cart, golf buggy, or golf car
  • Side-by-side vehicle, Utility Task Vehicle (UTV), Recreational Off-highway Vehicle (ROV)
  • Roadster, three-wheeled motorcycle, Y-shaped footprint
  • Watercraft