The accident occurred over a year ago. Can a reconstruction still be performed?
Our team of forensic engineers routinely investigates accidents anywhere from a few hours to many years after the incident.
I was in an accident. Can I hire you to prove it wasn’t my fault?
Because accidents often involve litigation we require independent parties to obtain legal counsel before engaging our services. We do not promote or recommend any law firm, individual attorney, or insurance company.
How much does an accident reconstruction cost?
Our practice charges hourly rates, billed monthly, for our expert services. Rates are determined by the experience and expertise of the employee involved. We can discuss the nature of your case and suggest a rough estimate. Contact us to find out more, request a rate sheet, or obtain a contract for services.
Do you only handle automobile accidents?
Our firm offers many services beyond automobile accidents including biomechanics and civil/structural investigations. We offer consulting in many engineering fields and for many different types of failures. See of our Forensic Services page for more information.
Do you work for plaintiff attorneys or defense attorneys?
We are regularly retained by plaintiff attorneys, defense attorneys, corporate clients, and insurance companies.
Will your staff represent our interests at trial?
Unlike attorneys, our role is not to be advocates for a client. We are only advocates for our opinion. We conduct a thorough investigation and analysis of a case and develop independent conclusions.
Can we pay your fees contingent on the outcome of the case?
Our fees are billed monthly and our contract explicitly states that we do not work on a contingent basis.
Do your experts have actual trial experience?
Our experts have collectively testified hundreds of times in depositions and trials in many states and even in foreign countries.
I see the offices listed on your website, but will you work in other states or countries?
We are available to work in any state or foreign country. Contact us to learn more.